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We currently do not have any vacancies available.

For general queries regarding employment at Festival Hall, contact

Work Experience

We do not offer work experience or work placement programs.

Promoters bring their events into our venue with their own sound/lighting/sets/technicians. If you are looking for technical experience in sound or lighting you should contact the major sound and lighting companies who work in this area.

If you are looking for hands on experience in the music industry organisations like Gig Power employ crew for event set up across many festivals and events.

If you are looking for experience in a theatrical organisation you could consider approaching:

  • Melbourne Theatre Company
  • Chunky Move
  • Australian Ballet
  • Opera Australia
  • The Malthouse
  • Melbourne Festival
  • Victorian Arts Centre
  • Or your local government organisation i.e City of Melbourne

All the best and we’re sorry we couldn’t help.


There are no volunteering opportunities available at Festival Hall.