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Pub Choir

Pub Choir


  • Tuesday

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Times to be announced.


No video, audio or professional photography unless stated otherwise by the promoter.


Melbourne! Naarm! Pens down and eyes up! Pub Choir is staging our biggest ever show in your beautiful city on March 19th, 2024 at FESTIVAL HALL!! Imagine a night where your voice, no matter how crummy, is good enough to be singing in beautiful harmony with thousands of others. This isn’t just your ordinary singalong; Pub Choir is a musical awakening. It’s a movement. It’s dead average and yet… somehow also a miracle?  

Led by the human fidget spinner, Astrid Jorgensen, chaotically twirl your way to singing glory by learning a song in real time and just having a crack. The only prep you need to do is to buy a ticket! What song will we learn? We’re flattered that you think we’re that organised. Whatever it is, it’ll unfold in real time once only, and never again. Don’t miss out on the magic. 

Different areas of the room will receive different musical instruction. If you are booking a seated ticket, please consider choosing an area according to what best suits your voice: 

  • Section 12: MEN (Seated) - Any gender welcome, best suited to typical male vocal range (think Paul Kelly or Miley Cyrus' lowest notes) 
  • Sections 9,10 & Balcony: LOW LADIES (Seated) - Any gender welcome, best suited to typical low female vocal range (think Cher or Sam Smith)
  • Section: HIGH LADIES (Seated) - Any gender welcome, best suited to typical higher female vocal range (think Cyndi Lauper or Freddie Mercury)  

18+ event, Auslan interpreted Please allow us to meet any accessibility requests by contacting Festival Hall. 

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