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Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong


  • Thursday

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After the last concert tour in 2018, Anthony Wong, Yiu-Ming comes back with his new tour 'Songs of Wanderers'. The main reason he chooses this theme is to encourage everyone all over the world whatever under any situations, we still need to “Live and Sing” with joyful and enjoyable. Anthony will come with Veegay and Jason Choi for the tour, also this is the first time to meet his fans in Australia! 

Anthony has played an important role in Hong Kong’s music industry since 1980s. He is a singer, songwriter and record producer; Anthony desired to developed an eclectic and electronic sound for his songs since his first solo album, he has released over 10 solo albums and received many prestigious music awards with the hits like: “Blow Up”. Anthony is also the vocalist of the Canton-pop duo called “Tat Ming Pair” with Tats Lau that formed in 1985. 

Important Event Information

This event is entirely licensed 18+ only.

All ticketholders attending this event will be required to provide one of five government approved photo ID’s to gain entry into the venue.

Festival Hall strictly adheres to Responsible Serving of Alcohol practices. Patrons deemed by Festival Hall staff to be intoxicated and/or affected by drugs may be refused entry, not be served alcohol, asked to leave the venue, or may be removed from the venue.

Please refer to our VISIT FAQs for further information on Festival Hall’s liquor licensing and conditions of entry.

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