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Here’s some news to whip music lovers into a frenzy. Award-winning, internationally acclaimed colossal rockers PANIC! AT THE DISCO are set to return to Australian shores January 2017 to support their chart topping fifth studio album, Death Of A Bachelor.

It has been over a decade since the then suburban teens released their first albumA Fever You Can't Sweat Out, which set the music world ablaze with unprecedented fanfare, transforming PANIC! AT THE DISCO into worldwide superstars.

Each subsequent release has seen PANIC! AT THE DISCO push the boundaries and create unique genre bending albums.

Their 5th album, Death Of A Bachelor, is no different. A grandiose and triumphant masterpiece with songs that both allude to the past and create a uniquely contemporary sensibility with a Sinatra-esque, dance-around-your-room-when-noone’s-looking feel.

A mix between Sinatra and Queen.

Rolling Stone

Frontman and brainchild, Brendon Urie, credits fans with the inspiration and sound of Death Of A Bachelor, enthusing “I’m at where I’m at because people are still into what I’m doing. That is the most validating feeling – having people willingly take this journey with me. And I’m writing this music because I want to share it with people who care about it as much as I do.”

Death Of A Bachelor is another hit record with fans and critics alike, with chart topping singles and attaining gold certification in the USA to join previous successful albums: Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die (Gold); Pretty Odd (Gold) and A Fever You Cant Sweat Out (Double Platinum) whilst current singles “Halleujah”, “Victorious” and “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” amassing tens of millions of streams and YouTube views.

Bringing their action-packed live shows and armed with a mountain of hits, fans can prepare for spell-binding energy, roof-raising beats and a live show that will leave you breathless. Having sold out their biggest shows the world over - including over 20,000 tickets in London - you won’t want to miss PANIC! AT THE DISCO in January 2017.


Sunday 29 January 2017

Presented by: Select Touring and Blue Murder

6.30pm     Doors
7.30pm     Tigertown
8.45pm     Panic At The Disco
** Times are approximate and subject to change without notice

On sale now!

Ticket Price: $89.00
*please note that Transaction Fees and an Infrastructure Charge apply.

Unlicensed All Ages:
General Admission Main Floor, Sections 10 & 12

Patrons of any age can access these areas.  18+ Patrons on the GA Main Floor have access to a downstairs bar.  In order to gain access to this area one of the five Government approved photo I.D.'s is required.

Licensed 18+ only:
Reserved Seating in the Balcony, Sections 9 & 11

Each ticket holder must be able to present one of the five Government approved photo I.D.'s to gain entry into a Licensed Area (Australian Drivers License, Victorian Learners Permit, Keypass, Proof of Age Card, or Passport). No person under the age of 18yrs is permitted into these areas under any circumstances.

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  • Event Notification

    Event Day Patron Information -

    We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday 28th January for the Panic! At The Disco concert, and have some advance info to help you plan for the day.

    For your own health and safety, no lining up before 8.00am on the event day – stay at home and get a good nights’ sleep before coming down to the venue!
    We are expecting the area to be quite busy during day, so please follow the directions of venue staff who will be walking around the venue at regular intervals. Please ensure that you line up at the correct door as stated on your ticket, that all footpaths and driveways are kept clear at all times, and that a clear thoroughfare is maintained for other pedestrians.

    There are no shops nearby, so we DO recommend bringing food, drinks (especially water), sunscreen and anything else you may need for the day, noting there is only limited shelter around the venue. There will be toilets available for use during the day and our cloak room will open before doors to allow you enough time to cloak your bags. Please ensure that all unwanted items are discarded into bins provided around the venue and no rubbish is left on the ground outside. Signs will be posted around the venue advising patrons of this information.

    Everyone is here for the same reasons, so we encourage all patrons to introduce themselves to the people lining up in front and behind you during the day so that if a bathroom break is required, your position is maintained in line.

  • Camera Policy

    Small 'happy snaps' and Phones will be allowed for this event.
    No SLR's or camera's that resemble SLR's or cameras of a professional quality will be allowed.
    No Recording devices - Handycams, GoPro's etc.

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